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lagouvardos attractions

lagouvardos beach

Lagouvardos is an exquisite beach of unrivalled beauty that covers two kilometers of golden sand. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Messinia. It is washed by the blue and crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea and is indeed a magnet for visitors.

A beach known worldwide as ideal for both relaxing moments and water sports, especially for windsurfing and boardsurfing, that attracts visitors from all over Europe.

It is located just 100 meters from the hotel and 1 kilometre from the picturesque fishing village of Marathopoli, where the visitor can taste local dishes and fresh seafood, while admiring the view of the sea or the sunset with the island of Proti prevailing in the background.

lagouvardos attractions


The beach of Voidokilia, one of the most beautiful in Greece, is located a few kilometers north of Pylos. As its name reveals, it has the shape a cow’s stomach and is one of the most popular beaches of Messinia.

Crystal aquamarine waters combined with fine white sand offer those who choose to visit it, an exotic beauty.

lagouvardos attractions


Proti Island is located in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese and is washed by the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

It is a small island of heavenly beauty opposite Marathopoli, less than two nautical miles away. It is a natural pier for the area and a place of great archaeological importance, since there are preserved parts of the wall and acropolis, as well as turrets of the Mycenaean or the Pre-classical period.

The myth states that the island’s name comes from the god of the sea, the son of Poseidon, Proteus. According to the local tradition, the island was a refuge for sailors and a pirate nest for hidden treasures.

The island of Proti remains unspoiled by residential development and environmental pollution, offering tranquility, considering that the only building on the island is the monastery of “Assumption of Virgin Mary Gorgopigi”, in the north of which there is the white sand, of exceptional beauty “Vourlia” beach. The visit to the monastery is a unique experience attracting a significant number of visitors.

The island appeals also to those seeking adventure and contact with nature, offering activities such as hiking and climbing with routes suitable for all ages and fitness levels, creating thus unforgettable wellness experiences and experiential memories. In addition, organised scuba diving activities takes you to the beauty of the underwater world of the island.

Tourists can visit Proti Island easily by boat from the port of Marathopoli.

lagouvardos attractions


In the western Peloponnese, in the scenic valley of the river Alfeios, is the most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece dedicated to God Zeus. It has become the most important religious and sports center.

Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, is a point of reference with a distinct pan-human influence from antiquity to the present day.

The beautiful valley where the ancient Olympia stadium is located and the magnificent archaeological museum with the excellent exhibits make up an worldwide attraction for visitors.

lagouvardos attractions


Ancient Messene was built by Epaminondas in 370 to 369 BC, at the foot of Mount Ithome.

Major fortifications were designed to withstand Spartan raids. Walls of 9 km and thickness of almost 3 meters reinforced with two-storey strong towers protected the ancient city.

Among other fortifications, the Arcadian Gate dominates, a power symbol and a high fortification technique.

In ancient Messene visitors can see the Asklepieion, the wonderfully preserved ancient theater and stage, the Bouleuterion and the temple of the goddess Artemis. There is an archaeological museum where important findings are exhibited.

marathopoli attractions


The palace of King Nestor, the famous king of Pylos are 4 km from the village of Hora. Its forms one of the best preserved Mycenaean palaces.

It was built in 13th century BC and is adorned with frescoes depicting lyre’s players and griffins (forms of ancient warriors). Wonderful floors have also been discovered with written decorations. Among other findings, it is particularly important to have thousands of signatures where the ancient Greek language of Linear Bible B is preserved.

lagouvardos attractions


The temple of Apollo Epicurius, one of the best preserved, most important and imposing of antiquity, is located within the boundaries of the prefectures Messinia and Ilia. It was built in the second half of the 5th century BC. (420-410 BC), under the direction of Iktinos, the Parthenon architect.

It is one of the best preserved monuments of classical antiquity and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Part of the frieze of the temple was detached in 1814 and exposed to the British Museum.

lagouvardos attractions


On the Southwest coast of Peloponnese, this picturesque town of 2,500 inhabitants dominates. The town of Pylos is built amphitheatrically overlooking the Ionian Sea. It offers a magnificent view of the bay of Navarino and the island of Sfaktiria, which is a natural breakwater for its harbour, one of the safest and largest natural harbours in the world.

Pylos is known for the naval battle of Navarino (1827), where the victory of the Allied fleets (England, Russia, France) was a very important event for the liberation of Greece from the Turkish yoke. In memory of Navarino’s naval battle, the marble monument of the three Admirals dominates the square of Pylos.

In the southern part of the bay dominates Niokastro, one of the best preserved fortresses in Greece. It is a typical example of the fortification architecture of the 16th century.

The Museum of Underwater Antiquities is housed in Niokastro where there are important archaeological findings from the seas and shipwrecks of the Peloponnese as well as the new archaeological museum of Pylos, offering a journey to myth and history, bringing you into the long cultural tradition of one of the most important cultural destinations in Greece.

lagouvardos attractions


The beautiful town of Filiatra is the third populous city of Messinia. The youngest town inhabited ever since the Stone Age.

The visitor can enjoy its magnificent and huge square with its beautiful Venetian fountain and its wonderful old clock on the eastern side.

In Filiatra there is the replica of the Eiffel Tower as well as the big world sphere, which are both donations of Charalambos Fournarakis, benefactor of the town.

A stone’s throw from the town are the beautiful place “Limenari” and the stunning beach “Stomio”.

The picturesque harbour of “Agia Kyriaki” is located a few minutes from the town offering moments of relaxation and tranquility. The visitor can enjoy a swim in the sea and taste traditional Tsipouro (pomace brandy) and delicious local “mezedes” (small plates of food).

Within a few kilometers, many small, beautiful, old churches await you to visit them, making you travel through time and the long religious history of the area.

lagouvardos attractions


A small, charming holiday resort next to the sea, with few inhabitants, overcrowded during summer months.

Its harbour traded huge quantities of raisins throughout Europe in the past. In the area there is also the picturesque chapel of the Virgin Mary Agriliotissa, described by the legend as being built by Constantine XI Palaiologos as a gift to a monk in the area who offered supplies and water to the emperor when he was persecuting pirates.

At a walking distance there are the “Poseidon’s Horse” and the Fairytale Castle, created by the benefactor Charalambos Fournarakis. It is said that this castle was built “to remind us, with its exterior, the fairy tales that our grandmother used to tell us”.

Also nearby there is a wonderful sports centre with football pitches, basketball, tennis and beach volleyball courts.

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